Year: 2014

City active living manager retires
Deb Radolla, one of the city’s key fitness leaders, retired last Friday but doesn’t plan to settle into any easy chair.

Gaeil Farrar / December 18, 2014

New resources road act impacts users
Resource roads in B.C. administered through provisions found in up to 11 different laws, many regulating a specific industry or activity.

Jim Hilton / December 18, 2014

Free skate Sunday
Cariboo Chilcotin Conservation Society (CCCS) will host a free skate with Johnston Meier Insurance on Sunday, Dec. 21.

Wire Service / December 18, 2014

Mine breach panel receives submissions
Panel investigating the Aug. 4 Mount Polley Mine disaster has received 23 written submissions from individual citizens and interest groups.

Monica Lamb-Yorski / December 18, 2014

Hockey fan pint size
One is never too young to enjoy watching hockey, especially when your cousin is on the ice.

Wire Service / December 18, 2014

You better watch out
Little voices were part of the entertainment during the Child Development Centre's Wish Breakfast held Tuesday.

Wire Service / December 18, 2014

Call of Duty tournament Jan. 3
Adventure Games Inc. is hosting a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 tournament during the holidays.

Wire Service / December 18, 2014