Treat your mom with something special on Mother’s Day

Donna Barnett and Coralee Oakes both won their seats in this weeks election.

Donna Barnett and Coralee Oakes both won their seats in this week’s election.

Congratulations to Donna Barnett, who worked really hard at getting elected. It wasn’t even close and Barnett only lost one poll.

Now we have to see how those close seats will turn out. Will it be Liberal or NDP getting the nod to go to Victoria?

The rest of the province did not sit too well for the Libs but they did get enough seats to win the vote.

Andrew Weaver, the Green Party boss, ran a pretty good campaign and managed to pick up more seats than he had in the last election.

John Horgan of the NDP had a good campaign, as well, and he managed to pick up enough seats in the Lower Mainland to almost win the election.

Now let’s turn to Mother’s Day this Sunday. Mothers do not get enough credit for all that they do for us. When we were young they wiped our nose, cleaned cuts and made sure we had clean clothes to wear.

Mothers listen to our sad and sorry tales and to our good news, as well.

Moms will not care too much if you didn’t get an ‘A’ on your report cards, as long as you attended school. And your mother doesn’t care if your clothes are not clean at the end of the day.

Mothers cared for us as youngsters and certainly as we got older. Mothers always seem to know when something was wrong with us and then take measures to fix our ailments.

This Sunday, make sure you treat your mom like a queen and to thank her for everything she has done for you.

Maybe cook her a nice breakfast or lunch and then take her out to one of the restaurants in Williams Lake for dinner.

And, don’t forget to get your mother a nice Mother’s Day card. It is the least your can do for your mom on Sunday’s Mother Day.

Ken Wilson is a freelance columnist with the Tribune/Weekend Advisor.