Cariboo Fire Centre information officer Ali Martin, one of 180 personnel from Australia assisting during the wildfires in B.C., gives an update on the White Lake east, Wildwood, Spokin Lake, Prouton Lake, Gavin Lake and Soda Creek wildfires. Photo submitted.

Update on wildfires around Williams Lake

An aerial scan of the White Lake wildfire east of the Fraser River done on Thursday identified some hot spots that crews are extinguishing Friday, said fire information officer Ali Martin.

“They are also focusing on the northern flank in preparation for southerly winds predicted for the weekend that could push the fire north potentially,” she told the Tribune Friday.

Estimated to be 4,021 hectares, the White Lake wildfire is being attacked by 94 personnel and 24 pieces of equipment.

The fire is located four kilometres from Commodore Heights and 8.2 km from the “Y” intersection in Williams Lake, she added.

Wildwood wildfire

An estimated 12,973 ha, the Wildwood Airport wildfire continues to emit smoke from internal pockets of the fire and there is concern about the northeast area of the fire so crews are working to secure the guard in that area, Martin said, noting there are 119 personnel working on the fire presently.

Spokin Lake wildfire

With 123 crew and 16 pieces of equipment, the fight continues on the Spokin Lake wildfire, especially the northern half of the fire and the southeastern flank.

“Mop-up continues within the perimeter to re-secure the area and we have night lines in place with sprinklers running all night to help cool the area for the crews working during the day,” Martin said..

Prouton Lakes wildfire

The Prouton Lake wildfire is very active, Martin said.

Estimated to be 365 hectares, the fire is being attacked by 44 firefighters and 16 pieces of heavy equipment.

“They have a second contingency line around the southern, eastern and northern flanks is under construction at the moment. If the weather allows crews may do some burnout to help secure the guard because winds are forecasted for Saturday.”

The fire was formerly known as the UBC Research wildfire.

Soda Creek wildfire

The 251-ha. Soda Creek wildfire continues to be monitored by the Cariboo Fire Centre.

Gavin Lake wildfire

Estimated to be 160 hectares in size, the Gavin Lake wildfire has 21 personnel and five pieces of heavy equipment attacking it Friday, Aug. 11.

“It is not threatening any structures,” Martin said.

Several of the fires are still having air attack, with skimmers working on the Wildwood, White Lake and Prouton Lake wildfires and bucket operations, skimmers and air tankers on hand if ground crews call them in, she added.

Martin is from Australia and is one of 180 personnel from that country helping with wildfires throughout the province. She arrived on July 19 and spent the first two weeks as the Quesnel Fire Centre.

She will be at the Cariboo Fire Centre until Aug. 23, she said.