Amanda Testini as Justine in Shameless Hussy Production’s award-winning musical Love Bomb which will be performed in Williams Lake next week. Photo submitted

Love Bomb coming to Williams Lake

Shameless Hussy Productions touring production tackles issue of sex trafficking

Shameless Hussy Productions is bringing its acclaimed musical Love Bomb to Williams Lake next week.

The show tackles the topic of sex trafficking in B.C., said RCMP Const. Sam Nakatusu who worked on bringing it to the lakecity.

“The RCMP’s Aboriginal policing section I am part of has an annual training conference and the actors in Love Bomb have come to the conference two years in a row to perform one of the scenes,” Nakatsu said. “It’s fantastic. I have been trying for the last two years to secure funding to bring it up and finally got some good backers and partners so we could get on the show’s fall tour.”

Nakatsu said the thing he likes the most about the show is the fact it presents important information through theatre.

“It is different than bringing in a guest speaker to talk about sex trafficking or watching a movie. It’s going to engage the youth and adults on a different level because they will see live action and music. I think it’s going to be awesome.”

Love Bomb was written by Meghan Gardiner, with additional lyrics by Steve Charles. It is directed by Reneé Iaci and stars Daune Campbell and Amanda Testini.

“We think of it as a rock mystery and the clues unfold through the music,” Iaci told the Tribune. “The show has won two Ovation Awards for best actress and best musical and was nominated for an outstanding musical production Jessie Richardson Award.”

While the story is based on a ficticious case, a lot of the details in the production are based on real facts that happened with a case in Vancouver where a man was poaching girls from outside the region and luring them down to the Lower Mainland, Iaci said.

“Through the show the audience learns what the term love bomb means,” she added.

The show will be performed at Lake City Secondary School Williams Lake Campus on Wednesday, Sept. 13 at 1 p.m. for secondary students from both campuses, GROW, Skyline and First Nations communities and performed again on Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. for the community.

“It’s completely free,” Nakatsu said. “We just want people to come and learn because regardless of what people think this stuff happens in our area.”

Happy the show is coming to Williams Lake as the new school year gets underway, Nakatsu said it will be a perfect time to hit the students with important information.

“We will follow up with more sessions down the road,” he said.

Iaci said Love Bomb will be performed in Quesnel on Sept. 11, as well as many other B.C. communities during its 2017 tour.

Clip from the play.