February 21, 2012 · Updated 4:34 PM

The Studio Theatre’s production of the comedy Clumsy Custard Horror Show and Ice Cream Clone Review will be on stage Feb. 22 to 25 and Feb 29 and March 1 to 3.

This is a comical family play with clashes between good and evil.

You will meet the spoiled Princess Prince, played by Samantha Fradette, the charming, kind but not too bright father to the princess, King Dumb played by Martin Comtois, the dashing Swashbuck Valparaiso played by Bradford Temple and his whimsical sidekick, the three-horned Worfle, played by Stacey Poirier.

These are the good guys.

There is also a number of slightly bizarre villains who are intent on keeping the princess from her destiny and taking the throne from the king.

This play is directed by Sandi Alaric, produced by Cathie Hamm and stage managed by Janet Lindsay.

“There are many other actors in this production, several with a long history with WLST and also several newcomers, making a total of 19 bodies on the stage,” Hamm says.

The cast is filled out by Lana Wright as Aretha; Jay Goddard as Dacron; Kathy MacDonald as Alphasia; Michael Rawluk as Malforce; Sharon Hoffman as Polly; Becky Strickland as Ester; Brittany Seibert as the Head; Ilan Peimer as Sir Prize; Alanis Laity as Sir Cumference; Bea Wikene as Sir Vival;  Judy Favelle and Lesley Allgrove as Clumsy Custard; and Raylene Tate and Mariah Bouchard as ushers.

Tickets are available at Aboutface Photography.