Editorial: Get out to vote

Canadians will head to the polls Monday to cast their ballots in the federal election.

Editorial: Harmful message sent

I don’t like Gian Ghomeshi. I didn’t realize just how much I disliked him until this week when he addressed.

EDITORIAL: Help needed for gang violence

As many know, Williams Lake is dealing with a gang problem.

Slime for sale
    Cariboo Regional District elects new chair
      Mount Polley Mine
        Friday, July 7 wildfires erupt

          Editorial: Hometown heroics

          It was another crazy Monday in the lakecity this week where we’ve certainly had our fill of news lately.

          Editorial: In the thick of it

          If people didn’t hear about Williams Lake and its ongoing crime problem before Monday, they likely have now.

          EDITORIAL: NHL hits back with suspension

          Score one for the National Hockey League for dishing out suspension.

          Editorial: Power players

          There was bad news and good news in Merritt this week.

          EDITORIAL: Remembering sacrifices made

          One does not have to go far in our community to see that Remembrance Day holds a special place in our hearts.

          Editorial: Saluting our volunteers

          The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others - Gandi.

          Editorial: Stampede an imporant part of Williams Lake history

          There’s a rich, steeped history etched throughout 90 years of celebrating the Williams Lake Stampede.

          Editorial: Welcome, elders

          Next week Williams Lake will be home to the 40th Annual BC Elders Gathering, taking place July 11-14.

          Editorial: Well done, volunteers

          The 90th anniversary of the Williams Lake Stampede certainly lived up to all of the expectations.

          EDITORIAL: Silly season upon us

          B.C.’s 41st election has been called and there’s no shortage of issues for voters to think about.

          EDITORIAL: Sportsmanship in the stands

          It must be hockey playoff season. Yes, it’s that beloved time of year when inevitably we hear about parents behaving badly.

          Export of raw logs easy concept for average voter

          Some of the discussions around the softwood lumber dispute can be challenging

          • Apr 27th, 2017