COLUMNS: Facing challenges

The big news in the city last week was getting $500,000 from the province to begin the process of establishing a heritage village.

COLUMNS: Investing in rural development

As the MLA for Cariboo Chilcotin and the Minister of State for Rural Economic Development.

COLUMNS: Investing in jobs

In B.C. over 140 rural communities depend on the natural resource sector for jobs and economic opportunities.

Slime for sale
    Cariboo Regional District elects new chair
      Mount Polley Mine
        Friday, July 7 wildfires erupt

          COLUMNS: Ken’s Seafood Supreme a delicious blend of flavours

          I was looking for a good seafood recipe and found several on a site on my computer.

          COLUMNS: Legal, fair and defensible key words for apportionment decisions

          If you go onto the provincial government website and look under apportionment you will see information.

          COLUMNS: Letting the land be idle from human hands, or no succession plan

          We have been doing a few day trips into the countryside around this beach town, Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

          • Mar 16th, 2017

          COLUMNS: Lumber trade deal will hurt small independent producers

          Those who didn’t attend the forestry meeting March 16 missed valuable information on the soft wood lumber discussions with the U.S.

          COLUMNS: Our sustainable history

          This is Cowboy Heritage week and if any B.C. community has the right to celebrate, it is us.

          COLUMNS: Share the good stuff now

          March is finally over. I thought it was going to last forever, especially after that cheeky snowfall on Friday.

          COLUMNS: Simple, tasty way to make tender pork chops

          If you are cooking a chicken let it rest for a while as it helps keep the juices in the bird.

          COLUMNS: Small Okanagan town has modern value added industry

          A January 2014 article in the Logging and Sawmilling Journal describes how a value added company started out over 50 years ago.

          COLUMNS: Spring one of my most favourite times of the year

          Ah, spring! A time when “a young man’s thoughts turn to thoughts of love” and outdoors and fishing and gardening.

          COLUMNS: Strengthening care for seniors

          Our government is investing $500 million over the next four years as part of an action plan to improve care for seniors.

          COLUMNS: The view from the beach; not a busman’s holiday

          Much has been said about work-life balance. Mostly it goes like this: “work smarter not harder.”

          COLUMNS: This isn’t a dead horse I am flogging; at least not yet

          What I am writing about this week is the same subject as last week.

          COLUMNS: Down to Earth: new viewpoint joins Trib columnists

          Welcome to the Cariboo Chilcotin Conservation Society’s new column, “Down to Earth.”

          • Apr 6th, 2017

          COLUMNS: Forestry questions for provincial election candidates

          The following 10 points about ways to improve the forest economy in B.C. are taken from Ben Parfitt’s article.