COLUMNS: Be a hometown tourist

When we think about what we value most in life, one of the first things that comes to mind for many of us is family.

COLUMNS: Looking back and looking ahead

As we have just passed the halfway mark in this four-year term, I have taken time to reflect on the last year.

COLUMNS: Paying the price

What’s up with some of B.C.’s Crown Corporations?

Slime for sale
    Cariboo Regional District elects new chair
      Mount Polley Mine
        Friday, July 7 wildfires erupt

          COLUMNS: Supporting small business

          Here in the Cariboo, many of our rural communities have been built upon thriving resource sector economies.

          COLUMNS: This idea might get some rancher’s goat: multispecies grazing

          The origins of the phrase “getting someone’s goat” is uncertain.

          COLUMNS: Too early to criticize a Trump presidency

          I am going to suggest to Darrick Boyes they have the annual winter carnival a week earlier next year or perhaps even two weeks.

          COLUMNS: Award-winning Cajun gumbo a sure-fire hit for family and guests

          The MSN site on my computer has so many ways to mention President Trump’s daily happenings and other news from around the world.

          COLUMNS: Chamber week in B.C.

          Every day across our province, local chambers of commerce and boards of trade work hard to represent and support their member businesses.

          COLUMNS: City snow woes

          There is so much “news” lately it’s hard to keep up with it.

          COLUMNS: Export of logs and wood waste responsible for job losses

          During the open line show on CBC radio Feb. 27 most of the people phoning in were against the export of raw logs.

          COLUMNS: Investing in tourism

          I have long been a passionate advocate for tourism in our region.

          COLUMNS: Promote value-added or advertise in U.S.?

          Recent press releases indicate Canadian forest industry and government representatives are planning a campaign blitz in the U.S.

          COLUMNS: Spring in the Cariboo-Chilcotin

          Spring is just around the corner in the Cariboo-Chilcotin — and it’s being ushered in by its customary telltale signs.

          COLUMNS: The past, the future and the passing of a cowboy, Wilfred Anderson

          A couple of weeks back Wilfred (Moore) Anderson passed on to the free and fair range in the sky.

          COLUMNS: Time will tell

          Justin Trudeau’s approval of the sale of Retirement Concepts to a humongous Chinese Insurance firm wasn’t greeted with universal delight.

          COLUMNS: Top 10 reasons to support Canada’s Agriculture Day

          Just in case you didn’t pick up on it, yesterday, Feb 16 was Canada Agriculture Day.

          COLUMNS: What does the future hold as automation becomes more prevalent

          Robots are taking over some jobs now and it’s expected that 20 years from now, 40 per cent of the work force will be robots.

          COLUMN: Ranch succession workshop well worth attending

          Ranching industry is having difficulty attracting and retaining the next generation on our places in a gainful (living wage) manner.

          COLUMN: Sweetest sweet potato recipes with a twist

          Sweet potatoes have always had a soft spot for my taste buds and when I grew up in Saskatchewan we had sweet potatoes throughout the year.

          COLUMNS: Are standards strong enough?

          The good news: 70 new residential care beds are finally announced for Williams Lake.